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Patricia Perry Salon

How To: Styles for BAD hair days

Dirty hair?? Don’t clean it up. Unlike Orbit gum, here at the Patricia Perry Salon, we like to push our hair and see just how long we can go before we wash it again…because who really wants to wash their hair?? PP and I are famous for saying, “thanks, it’s super dirty!!” when someone compliments our hair — we don’t shy away from letting it be known.


So, how do we do it??
Stay tuned for my video to see how you can let your hair go an extra day (or two) by giving it an added style. You can definitely make these styles your own, or change it up however you need. The two styles I did are totally good for both my wavy/curly girls and my girls that have straight or curl their hair with a tool.
If you would like to see me do even more styles or have something you want us to give a how-to on, please email us at info@patriciaperrysalon.com and let us know!!
I’m gonna go watch the Nets lose their playoff series, now.
I hope to see you guys rock your dirty hair soon!!
Peace out, girl scouts!!


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