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Patricia Perry Salon

Scalp Issues? Let’s Fix it!

Ok seriously, when did it get so cold out?

If you are like me, the cooler temps cause me to have dry skin pretty much all over my body.  A simple fix, some hydrating body lotion all over.
What’s not a simple fix? My scalp.


Over the years I have noticed that my scalp also has become more flaky, dry or itchy, and at times it leads to product build up from over compensating with conditioner. 
Here are some simple tips and tricks I hope will help you guys get through any issues you may be experiencing with your scalp with seasonal changes.



1. Prior to washing your hair.  Go through scalp with your hands and “scrub” your scalp to loosen any skin cells or product buildup.   Use the palms of your finger tips and apply some pressure while scrubbing you scalp in small circular motions.
2.  If you’re leaving conditioner in your hair, we suggest scrubbing it out and rinsing everything out thoroughly.  Make sure to do a really good job of getting it off the scalp.   If you normally leave conditioner in your hair to keep your curls hydrated, we suggest taking  a pea to nickel sized amount of conditioner and scrunch into the ends of the hair.  Pay attention not to get any on the scalp.
3. When refreshing your curls with water/ conditioner, don’t add any additional product to your curls such and cream or gel.  Simply mist your hair and scrunch for added curl and deffinition. 
4. Try decreasing the amount of days between wash days.  Your scalp may need to be cleaned more frequently, since it maybe shedding more in the winter months.
5.  Try adding the Innersense True Enlightenment scalp scrub to your wash day routine.  This pre-cleanse exfoliation treatment is formulated with Hawaiian Red salt, which is rich in volcanic clay and minerals.  You can used it as frequently as biweekly or once a month to keep you scalp feeling.
Play Video
Follow the video above for a more detailed tutorial.

*You can also visit us at The Patricia Perry Salon and get this treatment done with us!

6.  Lastly, pay attention to your water intake.  (usually your body weight divided by 2, is how many ounces of water you should be consuming per day)   Once your scalp starts to dehydrate, your conditioner and styler starts to get stuck underneath the skin cells. 
Thanks again for taking the time to read our salon blog! We always look forward to hearing your feed back. Have a comment or an idea about a topic we should cover? Drop us a message

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