7 Day Wavy Hair Styling Journey


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Having waves versus curls presents some challenges…

I get asked all the time, “what do you do to your hair?”.  Well, I am a super low-maintenance gal! The less I can wash my hair, the happier I am! So, I decided to spend a week documenting my “hair journey”. It is not as easy as everyone thinks…wash and go??? Not exactly. Lots of different products! Normally, I would shy away from any sort of video, but if this helps some of you wavy ladies with your styling and day-to-day refresh needs, then I’ve done my job.

Here we go…


I absolutely love to use Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub every other week to ensure that I am keeping my scalp healthy and fresh. I then follow up with Innersense Color Awakening Hair Bath shampoo and Color Radiance Daily conditioner. I do not, I repeat, DO NOT rinse any of the conditioner out of my hair at all. I finish this day up with a braid and will leave it in all day and night into day 2.

Day 2

I work out 4-5 days a week. Today, I took out my braid and put it into a pineapple (curly girls version of a top knot) and added a sweat band. Then, after my workout; I rinse my hair and scalp very well and reconditioned with my normal daily condish. I follow that up with the Innersense Prep Spray, I Create Volume, and I Create Lift.  Since my goal is longevity, I make sure to be generous with the gel, and deal with slightly “crunchier” hair for the next  24 hours.   Typically, I air dry for about 6-8 hours depending on the humidity.


Day 3

I started off by refreshing my curls with a water/conditioner combination in a spray bottle.  I then added I Create Lift by Innersense, for some additional lightweight volume. JERSEY GIRL HERE!!! Normally, I add a few clips to keep my roots lifted while air drying(and working lol). But for video reasons and some instant gratification, I diffused using my Dyson hair drier and then clipped it for an hour or so, to keep the volume.


Day 4

Well, I was really late this morning, like late, late.  Kids, camp drop off, and life just punched me in the face that morning. I literally had 2-3 mins to fix my hair and start my work day. As usual, water and conditioner refresh for me!!! Followed up with some clips and about 45 seconds of diffusing to make me look somewhat put together lol.


Day 5

Today, I planned to spend a little more time on my hair. Since I work out so frequently, eventually the knots start to take over. Long hair just does that. The coils will start to get all tangled together and I must make sure I take my time detangling and re-applying a styler to keep it from getting too frizzy. We all get knots, its just a part of life; but waiting too long to start detangling makes wash day  that much more TERRIBLE!

Take your time…

Again, I used water and conditioner and followed up with some of InnerSense I Create Lift, Prep Spray, and clips. This time I decided to skip any extra heat and just air dry for a more defined frizz-free look.


Day 6

It is my day off. I really do not do much on those days since I am usually catching up on everything that I didn’t do the days I was in the salon. Simply bobby pinning the straighter pieces around my face back helps and its out of my face for the day.


Day 7

BEACH DAY W/ JENNI WOZ!(not featured in the video). So, for those of you who don’t know, Jenni Woz is my bestie and fellow coworker/curly guru. In my world, she walks water…hahahaha!!! Jenni Poo as I call her, kicks ass in the curly world, and therefore, is the only human who does my cuts and color! I tried to keep it simple: loose braid to keep my curls from going all over the place in that amazing ocean breeze, and a hat so that my color does not get to washed out or brassy from all that summer sun. At the end of the day, I undid my braid and just rocked my “fro”. Not really,… but for my wavy hair, that was pretty puffy.


Wanna give my styling regiment a go? I’ve created a package to save your some dough!  You’ll receive  a 6.7oz True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub, 10oz bottles of Color Awakening Hair Bath, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, 6.7oz Hair Love Prep Spray, 6oz I Create Volume, and 10oz I Create Lift. Along with all those products you’ll also receive a Denman Brush for Curly Hair. All this normally would retail for $202 plus tax, preorder your curbside pickup today for $162.00 plus tax. Call or email the salon to place your order. LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE

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