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April’s blog sesh is going to be all about how a mindset shift can help you truly love your curly/wavy hair! I’m Jenni Woz (@hair.byjenniwoz) and if you don’t already know  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE curly/wavy hair! Textured hair is fun, strong spirited, sometimes wild, and always keeps you guessing. Ummmmmmm, sounds awesome to me!

I can guarantee that this blog will be blowing up with tips and tricks for curly/wavy hair in future posts but, for this month, I want to throw down some on some fundamental info that supports the mental game of being a curly/wavy girl pro. There are four simple mindset shifts that can completely change how you feel about your hair

Curl Acceptance

is key! Numero uno. Without this, no haircut or styling tips will allow you to truly love your hair. Everyday in the salon, I hear clients say, ” all I want is for my hair to consistently look the same day to day”.  I need you to get right into your head and know that consistent hair is not your fate. You have curly/wavy hair, it’s perfectly imperfect, its different every day and that what makes it so beautiful.

young woman with well defined naturally curly hair
Photo Credit: @hair.byjenniwoz
Photo Credit: @hair.byjenniwoz

Curl Confidence

is a biggie! We all have unique wavy curl patterns. Guess what??? They’re all BEAUTIFUL! I once read a quote, “Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own”. This really rang true for me personally because I’ve always wanted curly hair that I completely overlooked the beauty of my easy, natural beach wave. Duh, Jenn! My point here is that we need to stop wasting time wishing for someone else’s hair and start learning how we can best enhance what we’re working with in the here and now… our own version of beautiful hair!

Curl Care

is necessary. I know, I know, self-care is such a buzzword these days and I know we’re all busy buuuut if you want your curls/waves to look their best you have to put a little time into caring for your hair. It’s really that simple! Schedule in some time to care for and style your hair and trust me, if done correctly, this can actually save you time in the long run.

product photo of Davines Solu Shampoo
Photo Credit: @goldandglowco

Curl Rebels

are cool! Don’t be afraid to try new products or try them in a different way than they were intended. Did you know, hairspray on wet curls can help cut down drying time when using a diffuser on certain types of curly/wavy hair???  Try a different haircut shape, add a fringe, cut some length, or add a little pop of color. Yes, certain styles work well for certain hair types and face shapes, but I can guarantee it’s way less limiting than you might think. Don’t be afraid, live a little…or A LOT!

My girl Patricia Perry and I have added Curl Coaching to our service repertoire to help you navigate the curly/wavy mindset. It includes lifestyle centric haircut shaping, customized at-home care and styling routines, and a deeper dive into the mindset of a curly/wavy girl. This service is wonderful for those of you that are new to the curly/wavy world or for those of you that need a refresher course or want to update your style. Click Here to schedule a complimentary virtual consultation.

As always wishing you good hair and good vibes,

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