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Fall Hair Color without the commitment


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Have you ever gotten the urge to go darker once the leaves start to turn, but know you’ll wanna be bright and blonde once the first flower sprouts? Well, lucky for you, I am here to offer a solution!! May I present to you: a fall glaze.

Before, photo credit: @hairby_michellechristina
After, photo credit: @hairby_michellechristina

Now, I'm sure most of you have heard of a glaze before, but lets recap: a glaze (also known as a gloss or toner) can have a few different jobs (a jack of all trades, if you will).  It is a semi-permanent color that gives you shine, conditions the hair, and adds or takes away tones. So, for example, when you get highlights or some balayage, 9/10 times we use a glaze to kick any brass, or add a specific tone that you guys are looking for. But, when we do that, we use lighter shades so that it doesn't take away from the lightness that you want. The cool thing, though, is that glazes come in almost every color under the sun...soooo, that means you can TOTALLY go darker once that cool crisp (football) season hits. Now, it doesn't always have to be a super drastic change (unless you want that, then definitely go for it). But, even if you went a shade or two darker than your normal, it can be a fun little change up in your routine.

Before, photo credit: @hairby_michellechristina
After, photo credit: @hairby_michellechristina

But Lain, what happens when the snow melts and jackets come off and the sun starts beating again?! Well, easy peasy! The glaze will slowly wash away (about 20 washes, depending on how often you wash your hair), and it's semi-permanent, so once the lightener hits it, its easier to get you back to your spring/summer blonde.

young woman with medium length brown hair

What's the difference between semi-permanent and permanent color?? Good Question!! Semi-permanent color lives on the surface of your hair which helps tone and blend things. It's also a great intro if you have some gray sparklers that you want to cover up without the maintenance of a regular root touch-up. So, semi-permanent will eventually wash away. Whereas permanent color gets penetrated through your cuticle and is there forever until it is grown out, cut out, or has been lifted lightener. So, it is easier to transition from lighter to darker(ish) back to lighter with a semi-permanent color.

Hmm, Lain, I really like this idea, but what if I don’t wanna change ANYTHING about my color?? Also doable!! You can do a clear glaze and it will still condition and give you shine!! You can think of it like adding clear nail polish to your nails (totally stole that analogy from PP, she says it all the time).

If you know me, you know I have some trouble staying light. I always gravitate towards being dark again (no matter how much I promise Jenni Woz that I won’t). Whenever I get those urges, I throw a darker glaze on over my balayage and rock it until I change my mind again and the cycle continues. lol. Being able to switch up your color without fear that you need to stay that color is an awesome concept. And who knows, you might even like being a little darker!!

Well, it’s Sunday so you know that means I have a full slate of football ahead of me. I gotta go fine-tune my fantasy line-ups, but I hope to see some of you blondies try out the DARKSIDE for a little while!!


Peace out, girls scouts,


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