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Highlighting Your Hair 101


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Welcome to our monthly blog designed to keep you up to date with the latest tips, products, and trends in the hair industry.




A little background about us; the salon was established in good ‘ol 2015 ( you know… simpler times, lol) and we haven’t looked back since. Fast forward to 2021 and The Patricia Perry Salon’s crew wanted a way to stay connected to all of you!
Each month on of our team members takes the wheel.

We will chat about…yep you guessed it, HAIR!

Our goal is to highlight each stylist’s personality and their strengths, while keeping all of our clients informed on new color / hair trends, stylers and tips and tricks we use on the daily. As the founder, and creative director, I figured, “Oh, hey!, guess i’ll be the first to get this party started!” (With my cosmo in hand, of course!)

March, my personal favorite. This month is the start of all things spring! Flowers, maybe some sunshine and rainbows, warmer weather, longer days, and best of all; BLONDE season commences!

Lets face it, most of us have dabbled in the color department throughout the years, but the challenge always seems to be what to do? When going blonde, the options can be endless. With so many varieties to choose from, how do you know which is best for you?

Balayage vs Highlights...
What are the differences???

These are the questions we get asked almost daily. I’m goin to break down the options when going lighter. When in doubt, schedule a consultation either in person or virtual(um hello? it’s 2021! lol.) and we can help you decide which would be the best option for you and your hair.


Is a technique (not a look!) used to paint the surface of the hair. It gives a soft, subtle glow to the hair for a more natural, sun kissed look. From blondes to brunettes and every shade in between, this technique will ensure that your highlights will look more natural like Mother Nature did it herself!

A female model is featured in the picture, with long, wavy hair and balayage highlights.
visual steps of lightening dark brown hair using balayage techniques
Session lightening 8 weeks apart. Photo Credit: @lyndsaymaderis


are simply pieces of hair that are lighter than your natural color. Those pieces are usually placed in a foil to keep those strands isolated from the rest of the hair. Highlighted hair can make the hair appear fuller. Therefore, it is sometimes recommended for people with thin and fine hair.

Partial vs. Full...
Which One Do I Need?

woman with brown highlighted hair standing against a brick building

Partial Highlights

Are usually placed around the face and along the hair's part to give off a brighter, face framing look

woman with blonde highlighted hair

Full Highlights

Pretty self-explanatory. It means getting highlights all over your head. Normally, I suggest alternating between a partial and a full since the regrowth is not as offensive as it can be at the top of the head.

Well cheers to hoping this didn’t bore you all to death! Highlights are great and all, but when starting this journey, always consider:

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